I've lived in a lot of different parts of the country and I've seen a lot of news and weather people over the years, but I don't think I've ever seen a forecaster quite as cringe-worthy as Mike Thomas from Washington D.C. Now, I've seen people in relatively small markets who were good enough to be on a national network and I've seen people that shouldn't even be on TV, but this forecast is so lame that I was embarrassed for the poor guy.

For some reason, Thomas decided that, since Madonna was going to be in town that weekend that he would sprinkle the forecast with lyrics from Madonna songs. things start off bad and go down hill from there as he starts his forecast with a bit of Madonna's 'Vogue.'

I know asking you to watch something that I've already told you was 'Cringe-worthy' is a bit of a gamble, but thrust me, it's so bad you'll want to share it just so your friends can see just how bad it is, too. I can just see TV sets all over the D.C. area getting turned off at about 36 seconds in when he does the Vogue stance. Enjoy badness at it's best.

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