Here’s a look at some interesting events that took place on this day in history:

1879 – President Rutherford B. Hayes signs a bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases before the US Supreme Court (More info)

1903 – Teddy bears, named after President Theodore Roosevelt, first go on sale (More info)

1933 – Giuseppe Zangara attempts to assassinate President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt, but instead shoots Chicago mayor Anton J. Cermak, who later dies of his wounds (More info)

1958 - The "Dick Clark Show" debuted on ABC-TV in prime-time. Guests were Connie Francis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnnie Ray, Pat Boone, and Chuck Willis. The show lasted three seasons.

1961 – A flight carrying the entire United States figure skating team crashes, killing everyone aboard (More info)

1969 - Vickie Jones was arrested in Florida for impersonating Aretha Franklin during a paid concert.  She was so convincing, no one asked for a refund!

2003 – Up to 30 million people in 600 cities worldwide participate in protests against the Iraq War, making it the largest peace demonstration in history (More info)

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