If you are accustomed to taking your dog for a walk each day as the temperatures rise, the ground your dog walks on likely will be super hot. We, as humans, are struggling to keep ourselves cool in this brutal heat.

Tips for Pets When It's Hot Outside

The obvious solution to this issue is to take your dog walking when it's cooler outside, but that might not always be possible in Louisiana. In the early morning and late evenings, the pavement won't be as hot. What do you do if you have to take your dog outside when it is hot?

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Have Your Dog Walk On the Grass

One idea that makes perfectly good sense is shared by Shallow Ford Vet Clinic in North Carolina. If you can walk your dogs on the grass, it's a good way for them to get the exercise they need without burning their paws.

If you can't do that, they recommend paw wax that you can get from any pet store. You put it on their paws, and it protects them from getting burnt.

Get Your Pet a Pair of Dog Socks

Another idea to protect your dog's paws is to use dog socks. There are so many different brands that allow breathability so that it doesn't increase your dog's body temperature. 

Dog in a Kiddie Pool
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Get Your Dog a Kiddie Pool

One idea that plenty of dog parents recommend is getting your dog a plastic kiddie pool. Most people who suggest this idea to us recommend that you find a nice shady place for your baby.

The biggest issue with this idea? You are likely going to have to train your dog how to get in and out of the kiddie pool. You can click here for information on training.

And for those of us who have doggie stairs for our dogs to get in and out of bed or up and down on furniture why not get them stairs for the kiddie pool? It might make it easier for them to get in and out without getting hurt.

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Make Sure Your Dog Stays Hydrated

The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine wants all pet owners to remember that heat stroke in dogs is a real thing.

At a minimum, you should have a shelter where your dog can get out of the sunshine, and plenty of fresh water so they can cool down.

They also recommend making sure the water bowl can't flip over and that it is also in the shade. When you're not in your yard, bring along a dog bowl and/or a water bottle for your pet.

Different Breeds Tolerate Heat Better Than Others

Some breeds of dogs can't be out in the heat at all and some for only a short time according to the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA advises). They also suggest if your dog is going to be left outside during the day you consider providing them with a kiddie pool put in the shade where they can cool off.

Never Leave a Dog in a Car

LSU and Louisiana SPCA also want to remind all pet lovers, that animals should not ever be left in a car alone.

It's just not something you can do, not even for five minutes. The temperature in a closed vehicle can soar quickly.

They also advise not to leave any pet in a car period. There is just too much of a chance your pet will perish because of the heat.

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