It took over 3 years to put the deal together but Who founder and chief songwriter Pete Townshend has sold the rights to his entire catalog  to  Spirit Music Group. Word is that the deal has netted Townshend over 100 Million Dollars!  That's more than enough money to buy back all those guitars he smashed in the 60's! Die hard Who fans won't be happy about part of the deal.....



Spirit  Music Group specializes in getting songs into commercials.  After spending 100 million to buy the songs, you can rest assured they won't be too picky about the client list. Not that just anybody will be able to pony up the money to have one of the songs to push their product. If you consider that of the 400 or so songs in the catalog, only a handful will be familiar enough to the general public to use...and out of the handful, you can bet the royalty will be pretty stiff.

The Who pretty much pioneered sponsored tours with their tours on the 80's..they recorded spots for Coca-Cola back when every group on the charts did the same..And Here it is!!!


You know, once upon a time this practice was considered "Selling Out"..But when you think of all the rockers who left this world (or are still in this world) dead broke....Give em some slack..If you could make 100 million dollars for a job you did 30 years ago...wouldn't you?