Sunday’s finale of the second season of ‘The Walking Dead’ drew nine million viewers, the most in the series’ history. According to AMC, the show has also become the number one drama among 18-to-49 year-old men in basic cable history.

So suffice to say there are a whole bunch of folks anxiously awaiting season three of the post-apocalyptic zombie-fest. While that won’t come until October, according to producer Glen Mazzara, it should be worth the wait.

That’s because, as fans of the graphic novel will know, the setting will shift from Hershel’s farm to the prison.

That’s what I’m excited about writing and seeing come to life,” Mazzara told MTV News, when talking about the setting shift. “I think that this has been a great chapter one. But now we’re moving into our best material.”

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But don’t think if you read the comic you’re going know exactly what is going to happen in season three. In a video on AMC’s website, co-executive producer Greg Nicotero warned that the unexpected is going to be an important part of the season three plot.

“Next the season we follow the arch of the graphic novel with a few departures,” he explained. “And the departures are significant and dramatic and continue to add spice to our great material.”

In that same clip, the cast talk about the challenges that their characters will confront in ‘The Walking Dead’s’ third season. Check it out below.

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