Some football fans are so addicted to the gridiron that they are more than willing to watch football year-round. Alternative pro football leagues have come and gone, like the XFL, which is being revived in 2023, and the AAF. But the USFL, reviving last year after a nearly 40 year hiatus, has made it to a second season.

Not much is changing from last season. Games still take place in the spring, there are 8 teams divided into North and South divisions, and the teams still follow slightly modified rules from the NFL, like allowing 2 forward passes if both happen behind the line of scrimmage and offering alternate point-after-touchdown options.

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However, the Tampa Bay Bandits have been put on hiatus to allow for a new team to join the South.

The Memphis Showboats.

The Showboats (which is an awesome name by the way) are a former USFL team being revived for this revamped attempt at the league, and should be "rivals" to the Houston Gamblers given that both will play in the host city of Memphis.

Half of the South's games will be in Memphis, with the other half in Birmingham, home of the Stallions. Birmingham will also serve as the host city to the New Orleans Breakers.

The USFL looks to improve its market share by creating more solid, fun football in the football slump of early spring, and they did a decent job last year.

Are you excited to have the USFL back?

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