If you haven't seen the early 1970s video of Greg "Flash" Demarie skateboarding down the I-210 bridge wearing nothing but cutoffs, a do-rag and a grin, then you're missing out.  If you have seen the video, now you can meet the man behind the do-rag!

So how did it come about?  How did a LaGrange High School student manage to skateboard his way down the bridge without getting run over all the way back in the early 1970s?  Well, it helped to have a couple of drivers behind him running interference for one.  All it took was a quick dare one morning before a drive to Galveston, and Greg was off like a "Flash."  "Kimbo" Fontenot captured film footage, and the legend began.

The film sat in Greg's collection for years until he decided to digitize it.   When his neighbor Jeremy Price saw the video, Price just knew it had to go on YouTube.

Greg called us up one morning at the 92.9 The Lake Studios and said, "I understand you're looking for me."  Boy, were we ever!  He came in to sit down with Gary Shannon and tell the story behind the awesome video. Find out:

  • How Flash almost ended up on national TV.
  • How he managed to skateboard over the bridge's expansion joints without breaking his neck.
  • Why he didn't skateboard down the steeper I-10 bridge over the Calcasieu River -- (Hint: it wasn't because he didn't want to).
  • If he would do it again today.  (Oh, what do you think he's gonna say?)
  • Why he thinks no one else should do it today (and he's right).