Let's face it, there are hundreds of ways that co-workers can annoy us. Now, I've been pretty fortunate that I've not worked with any really annoying people in a long time, but I've sure encountered some real champs in my 40 year radio career. Radio personalities can be pretty annoying in groups. I'm just saying.

According to this list, it's not so much much bad personal habits that gets under people's skins; it's sloppy work habits. You know yourself that someone in the company with less than average work habits can drag the whole office down with them.

Here are the Top 5 most annoying habits of our friends and co-workers:

5. Stealing Ideas - Oh yeah. I've had that happen a time or two. It's really irritating as hell when someone does this. The "Idea Hog" will take credit for anything she or he can get by with.

4. The Person Who is Always Late - This one really gets under my skin. A funny thing I've noticed about the person who is always late is that they also tend to waste the most time in meetings. I once heard Dr. Phil say that being habitually late is a sign of arrogance. At the very least it demonstrates that you simply don't respect other people's time.

3.  Missing Deadlines - Here's another bad habit that can throw other people's days into a spin. One pet peeve of mine is having to wait on my part of a project until someone else finishes their part. It's even more infuriating if that person can never get their work in on time.

2. Office Gossip and Politics - This is a big one. Usually, it's the office drama queen/king that fits into this category. Some people just can't seem to exist without drama. I'll never understand that as long as I live, but I've seen it a hundred times and it never ceases to amaze me. If things are rocky at your workplace, chances are the office gossip is the cause. When I rule the world, office gossips will be fired on the spot.

1. Sloppy Work - Generally, this kind of co-worker isn't going to be employed long, but the office slacker can really cost a company big time! Some people just seem content to do the bare minimum to get by with no thought to quality. It only takes one or two people with sloppy work habits to really ruin the entire office.

Do you recognize any of those types. If you don't you're either very lucky or you've never had a job!




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