Hurricane Ida slammed the coast of Louisiana as a catastrophic category 4 storm. It leaves us with sights and sights that are absolutely heartbreaking.

This first picture just ripped my heart out and stomped on it. Michael Brown, a homeless New Orleans resident, had to ride out Hurricane Ida under a bridge. With the city of New Orleans not having enough time to coordinate public evacuations, everyone was given a shelter in place order.

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This next photo is of the Boudreaux family of New Orleans. They're on their front porch just waiting on the storm to roll into town. You can see the fear written all over their faces. It's gotta be so frightening to know that a category 4 hurricane is heading your way and you have no way out.

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Ida was one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit Louisiana. The video below shows forceful winds ripping roofs off, knocking down power lines, and the aftermath in Lafourche Parish.

This next photo is of utility workers testing the powerful winds of Hurricane Ida in New Orleans.

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Sadly the first reported death of the storm came from the Baton Rouge area. The video below shows more of the devastation that Ida left in its wake and an interview with a Chicago resident that was stuck in the city and had to ride out the storm.

The photo below is Michelle Washington and her son Kendrick of Kenner. They are coming out of their house for the first time to survey the damage on their home.

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The next video shows serval camera views from St. Bernard Parish. You'll see what they looked like before the storm and then transitioned to what it looked like during Hurricane Ida.

Here's another heartbreaking image. A New Orleans homeless resident tried to find cover on a bench at a train stop under a tarp.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Ida.

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