It's pretty widely known, at least among kids, that the odder your name is the more grief you're going to get about it. You haven't lived until you've been in the 5th grade and your name rhymes with "fairy." Now, you'd think that, since most parents grew up going to school they would be aware of this situation, but something seems to come over some people when they are given a chance to name anything.

I guess it's human nature to want to name your kid something that you consider "cool." What many parents don't seem to get is that, while a name may be really cool in 2017, by the time the poor kid is in school, that name may be ridiculous.

It's obvious that gaming and pop culture have had a huge impact on new baby names with the popularity of names like Archer, Bowie, Thor and Zelda coming into fashion. Meanwhile some of the old standard names are beginning to slowly make a comeback.

The problem is that, there also names on the list that are just about guaranteed to single out a kid on the playground. I'm talking about names like Calliope, Echo, Indigo, Keziah, Lachlan, Loxley, McCoy, Osiris, Saskia, and Zinnia. I'm not against creativity, I'm just against kids getting picked on for their names.

Here's a link to the Hottest Baby Names of 2017

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