You know what makes news bloopers so funny? It's because the people making the mistakes are trying so hard to be serious that, when things fall apart, there's no hope of maintaining any kind of serious attitude. Now, I've never done TV news, but from time to time in my long radio career, I've done newscasts and found myself trying not to laugh about something totally unrelated to the news, but just not being able to hold it back.

One of the best news bloopers I've ever seen happened years ago on KPLC right here in Lake Charles and I'm sure no video exists of it. I don't even remember the name of the news anchor, but it took place on the noon news. The guy reading the news lost his place in the script and just said, "uhhhhh" for about 15 seconds. It got funny fast, but when he stopped for a second and starting saying it again, it got down right hilarious.

Here we have some of the best news bloopers of 2015. Some are not in English, but you don't have to be able to understand them to know what's going south for them.

Now, a word of caution. There is one segment where it sounds roughly like someone is dropping the 'F' bomb, but I'm not sure. It sounds like she's Swedish, so she may be saying something else. It could be something even worse in Swedish. Who knows?

To their credit, all of these TV news people are laughing at themselves as well. Have fun.

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