1. The irate father who screams at you because you didn't throw something to his kid - Every parade has several of these. Let me tell you something, mister. All you can see when you're driving in a parade is a sea of faces and hands. It's just not possible to see everyone or throw something to everyone.

2. The Bead Freaks - These are people who behave as though we are truly throwing something of value. They'll step on anyone who gets in their way, even the child of the man in example 1. I asked someone once what they do with all those beads. This person said, "We throw them away."

3. People who throw stuff back - There are always a few of these jerks out there. If they don't like the beads or if you dare to throw candy, they hurl it back at you. Very brave, isn't it?

4. The Creative Type - These enterprising people always come up with a way to get people to throw beads to them. These folks know how to get noticed and they are prepared for huge amounts of beads. They usually have an umbrella or some kind of specially prepared box or bag. Usually one with a target or a goal on it. Parade throwers love to have something to aim at.

5. The parade driver who feels that he must stop for no reason at all. I always get behind this person in a parade. It's crazy. The parade will be moving right along and, suddenly, Jim Bob, who is driving the float in front of you will just decide that it's time to stop for no reason at all. If they're not stopped, they're driving so slowly that I don't need to use the accelerator.

Add to that list of irritants and add in a deafening noise and you've got yourself a Mardi Gras parade. You know whats kind of funny? Despite all those irritants, it's always a lot of fun! See you at the parades.

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