Experts say there are roughly four main different types of intelligence. Professor Howard Gardner, the American developmental psychologist that developed Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences points to the fact that when it comes to intelligence, people possess multiple ranges, abilities, and talents. According to Gardner's theory, people can have more than an intellectual capacity. Other abilities could be spatial-visual, linguistic, musical, and interpersonal relating to communication and relationships.

An Intelligence Quotient represents a person’s raw intelligence, but are IQ tests necessary to measure one's brainpower? Not really. The truth is IQ test results are usually accurate. At the same time, they can be inconsistent. It all depends on what area of intelligence is being tested. They are still fun to take! Ready? Go!

If you have an IQ score of 140 or higher, you're considered a genius. If you get an IQ score of 120 - 140 you are still at the top of the pack and considered to have a, "very superior intelligence." Even further, anyone who can manage an IQ score between 110 - 119 is rated with "superior intelligence," and finally a score of 90 to 109 means your IQ is "normal" and you have an average intelligence rating. Wanna try again?

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