High School kids that want to trick-or-treat this year will be risking getting arrested and having a misdemeanor on their record and could get up to 6 months in jail.

This sounds a little extreme to me, but apparently a handful of towns in the USA think it's the antidote to stop kids over 12 from trick-or-treating.

Look, I get it, older kids coming to trick-or-treat at times can be annoying, but on the other hand it's better than them getting into mischief that really deserves a charge.

One of these handful of towns is Chesapeake, Virginia.  They've got a statute that says anyone over 12 who goes trick-or-treating can be charged with a misdemeanor that carries up to a $100 fine and 6 months in jail.

I'm sure these town's police departments will be ramping up patrols on Halloween to show they mean business and totally wasting public funds in the process.  I would hope, at least, the law enforcement officers there would give anyone over 12 a warning and not a ticket.

It leaves me asking myself, is trick-or-treating really that serious?


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