Are you ready to back in time? Rob Robin who by far is the most well-known media personality in the Lake Charles area for years now has been in the media in the Southwest Louisiana area for over five decades now.

You can stop any native Lake Charles or Southwest Louisiana resident who has been living here for a while and ask them if they know who Rob Robin is and they will immediately tell you yes.

Rob Robin has been on television and radio here in the area for many years. We went searching through YouTube and found this rare video of Rob Robin on KPLC TV. He did the weather at the local NBC affiliate for over 15 years from 1971 to 1986.


In the video you are about to watch, Rob Robin gave his final farewell to KPLC and television in 1986. He reflects on his time at the station and his 12, 037 weathercasts, and he bids a final farewell.

He also reflects on all the things that happened during his 15 years at KPLC like who was president and what the top songs on the charts were along with reflecting on his time in Southwest Louisiana.

Check this out.

After he left KPLC, Rob was on local radio stations in Lake Charles providing his unique weather forecasts over the air. I have had the honor and privilege to work with Rob Robin during his career as he did the weather for us here at Townsquare Media for a few years.

Here's to you, Rob! Thank you for your service to our community for so many years.

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