My friend, Adley Cormier, is a walking history book when it comes to Lake Charles. I've known Adley for years and every time I have a question about the city or ask about some historical fact about our city, I go to Adley. Well, Adley has, at long last, publiched a book called "Lost Lake Charles" and, while I haven't had a chance to read it yet, knowing Adley, I'm sure it's quite a book.

I was perusing some of the videos about Lake Charles when I stumbled across this little gem. I've always thought that Magaret Place was such a beautiful part of Lake Charles, but I didn't realize just how old it was. According to Adley, the neighborhood cropped up from the ashes of the famous 1910 fire that destroyed so much of the downtown area.

It's amazing just how many videos there are about Lake Charles these days. I can remember when you would have to search the entire internet just to find even a small video about out fair city, but now, there are videos galore available. This is just one of Adley's videos about the history of Lake Charles and, if you find our citiy's history interesting, I know you'll love this video and you really owe it to yourself to get a copy of Adley's excellent book.

Let's take a turn around Margaret Place with Adley Cormier



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