One thing that I have heard the most since living here is that there is some money in Lake Charles. Upon doing some research and my latest findings. I have confirmed that this is very true. According to Zillow if you possibly have a million dollars in your bank account. I have 5 beautiful homes that you may want to consider looking at for very costly but worthy investment.

The first house was built in 2016 and has 3 covered parking spaces. You know that's important when we think about the crazy weather that we tend to endure here in Lake Charles. It's located at 1002 N. Worthington Drive, Lake Charles. The asking price for this beautiful home is $979,000.

This next offering sits on beautiful land and from the outside looking in, this is truly something that could be used for all of the family reunions with 5 bedrooms and 7 baths. It's 5,500 sqft and located 1657 Ira Breaux Rd, Lake Charles. If you have $950,000, this home is a steal.

This next piece of property is a Townhome with 10 units located at 2509 Oak Park Blvd. Obviously, if you ever wanted to manage some properties, this would be a great investment for the long run. You will also have the chance to recoup some of your spendings. How much spending you may ask. How about $950,000 should take care of that for you.

At 1302 Country Club Road, you will find 4.74 acres of land to create the ultimate family haven for generations to come. The site was previously approved by the City Of Lake Charles for Townhome Development. This would be a great idea or the biggest home you could possibly think of with a going price of $975,000.

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The final offering is truly going for a cool $1 Million dollars and is located on Pithon Street. This is 0.62 Acres that is located downtown Lake Charles and close to the upcoming Erdase Multi-Family development. It also has close access to I-10 and Ryan Street and Lakeshore Drive. As the city continues to grow, there are plenty of opportunities for future homeowners or for those who want to begin flipping property.

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I did not realize that there were so many options of properties here. Many of these homes are already here and many are waiting to be built. Hey I know we don't all have a million dollars just waiting in the bank, but If you do or have someone willing to invest. You may have a few options here to look at. For contact information on these properties and others. Click on the link for






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