Whitney Houston

Let the Rumor Mill Roll-Whitney Houston-Drugs and Booze
It seems that family members are saying what many people are already thinking..so here it is...Whitney Houston died from a nasty combination of drugs and booze. Here's the thing...even if she died of "natural causes" it was drugs and booze that killed her. Have you tried to find a picture of Ms. Houston that was taken in the past three years where she didn't look strung out? Is anyone su
The Top 10 Whitney Houston Videos
Whitney Houston‘s death left a behind a trail of iconic songs and performances that defined a generation, warmed our hearts and just made us ‘Wanna Dance With Somebody.’ As we look back at the life of this world-renown diva who set the standard of singing for all those who followed, these 10 hits almost immediately come to mind.
Whitney Houston Dead at Age 48 [VIDEOS]
While the details are not yet known, legendary singer Whitney Houston has been reported dead at age 48, according to her publicist. The shocking news comes on the eve of the Grammy Awards, and in fact, many media outlets reported Houston leaving a Grammy party last night in very bad condition.