Poll on Marijuana, American Iold and Speed Traps
We like to know what you are thinking so we offer listener polls. This week we ask you about medical marijuana, American Idol and Welsh speed traps. We always appreciate you taking the time to participate. Not only do you share your opinion but you also earn Lake House points when you take our …
Will Welsh Speed Traps Change Your Travel Plans [POLL]
The City of Welsh is thinking of installing cameras that will take pictures of speeders and mail them a ticket. Have you ever been mailed a ticket? I got one from Baton Rouge in the mail a few years back. It was for running a red light (of course I was innocent...
Weekend Football Line Up
Football fans love this time of year. Everybody's favorite team has a shot at the title. Everyone is undefeated right now and the hype is huge. We'll start with high school action.