vince vance and the valiants

The Best of 2012
The internet is a strange and unpredictable creature.  You literally never know what the Next Big Thing will be.  Sure, you can make some educated guesses -- of course, Joshua Ledet was going to be big news.  But can you guess what the No. 1 story of the year was on
Time Lisa Layne Got Some Credit
The record just says "Vince Vance and the Valiants, but that doesn't even begin to tell the story!
No offense to Vince Vance aka Andy Stone, but just about any group could have played the backing tracks on "All I Want for Christmas is You", but not many people could have pulled off suc…
Vince Vance And The Valiants Halloween Weekend At The Isle
Vince Vance and the Valiants will be in Lake Charles for a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween weekend.  All of the fun is at Isle of Capri Casino / Hotel Lake Charles.  Join Vinnie, his lovely Valiantettes and the rest of the gang for 2 nights of ghoulish fun with his “Halloweenie” bash featuring Vince’s own sp…