Kimmel Takes on Anti-Vaxxers
We all know that Jenny McCarthy is the last word in medical advice, but Jimmy Kimmel has found a few people who disagree with McCarthy's anti-vaccine rant.Those people are most commonly called 'doctors.'
Now, in case you're not familiar with the term, these people actually went to…
Vaccine Poll Results
We asked you for your opinion on the vaccine controversy and got a pretty mixed bag of responses.
Here are the results of that poll
Vaccinations - Yes or No
Talk about a hot issue! People are very divided over the question of vaccines and we want your opinion about how the issue should be handled.
Do you think it should be regulated by state or federal government, or do you think the government should stay out of the issue and leave it up to parents?
Health-Whooping Cough Making a Return-What You Can Do
Whooping cough was once a feared disease. Until a vaccine brought the spread of the highly contagious to a controllable level. In fact, many people assume that the disease had been eradicated. While it had not been completely wiped out, the number of cases dropped so low that whooping cough dropped …