24 Unexpected Things Aboard Cruise Ships
Summer is here and vacations are in abundance.  One of the most popular types of vacation and my favorites is cruising.  Out on the open water with all of the fun, food, and festivities you can handle.
On some ships, you can practice skydiving on board, try your hand at ziplining, learn to …
Do You Use All of Your Vacation Days?
Do you leave vacation days unused each year? Maybe you just have too much work to do ... or maybe you are afraid someone else will step in during your absence. According to Market Watch  Americans don't use 51% of their vacation days. That's the equivalent of over 500 million lost vac…
What I Did On My Summer Vacation
It's so hard getting back into the swing of things after a week off. I spent the last week in Georgia and have pictures. Don't worry I am not going to invite you over for the slide show.
The first thing I did was stop and pick up 50 pounds of boiled crawfish to bring to my dad...
29 Weird Museums
When I'm visiting a new city, I like to check out local businesses and usually try to go to a museum.  But not all museums are created equal.  If you're looking for something a little different, check out this great list of weird museums.
A Very Unique Art Park
My wife and I were on vacation visiting my parents in Albany, Georgia.  We decided to go downtown to the iconic Jimmy's Hot Dogs. We ate our hotdogs at a riverside park next to the Flint River. When we were driving away the Art Park got our attention.
Real Griswolds?
What do you do if your real name is "Griswold?" Well for one thing you have to take a family vacation to Wally World (or Disney.) You also have to have the correct mode of transportation.
Unplugged Vacation?
I am getting ready for a short vacation. I also have to face the fact that I am Operations Manager for six radio stations. That is six 24/7 businesses. I have a great and well trained staff but problems can still arise. Therefore I can not completely "unplug" while on vacation. I s…
Disney World to Start Serving Booze
Despite the tradition of Walt Disney's refusal to allow his beloved theme park to serve spirits, as Disney World's Fantasyland expands this fall, the Magic Kingdom's menu will also see an expansion: wine and beer will be available for adult patrons to drink.
10 Fun and Romantic Fall Getaways
We tend to associate the end of summer and the arrival of fall with going back to school or getting back to work, as the vacation season is over. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The northern hemisphere contains some pretty remarkable fall destinations, perfect for weekend adven…
Beatles-Themed Cruise to Launch in 2013
With music festival cruises being all the rage these days, it makes sense that there would be a cruise dedicated to the most popular group of all-time. In March 2013, the Cruise for Beatles Fans will sail from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. on the sea of green for a week-long floating celebration of all thing…

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