Bad Lip Reading - NFL 2015
I'm sure its no great revelation that I'm not a big sports fan.  When I find the TV on a sporting event, my mind often wanders from the game or match or whatever it is to anything else happening on the screen.
What I wonder about a lot are are the conversations the players and coaches …
McNeese Moves Football Start Times
In an effort to make McNeese home games a bit more friendly to family attendance, McNeese Athletic Director, Bruce Hemphill has announced that home games will no longer start at 7 p.m.
McNeese Moves Into Top 25
Sometimes it is good to be an underdog. It means you can sneak up on people. The Cowboys did just that last Saturday as the took care of Southern Florida by a 53-21 score. That may be the last team the Pokes can sneak up on.

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