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Mardi Gras 2015 Schedule Released
In most of the country things slow down after Christmas and New Years. Here we segue into Mardi Gras and keep the party going. It all starts twelve days after Christmas. We have this year's schedule for you
Red Cross Helping Lake Area Families
I thought (like a lot of others) that the Red Cross worked wherever major catastrophes put people in need. That it is a big organization that helps when thousands of people are hurting. That is part of what the Red Cross does. The Red Cross helps families right here in Lake Charles make it throug…
Gay Marriage and Other 92.9 The Lake Poll Results
The Unites States government took a very big step last week in recognizing gay marriages. What did Southwest Louisiana think of that? It's Mardi Gras season. Where do you think everyone is celebrating? We have the answers to both of those polls.
Snow This Week in Lake Charles?
Most places would not get all excited about a slight possibility of snow. We are not most people. It is so rare here in Lake Charles that the mere mention of the possibility causes excitement and blogs (like this one.)
Hurricane Rita — SWLA 7 Amazing Years Later [VIDEO]
Seven years ago, this morning was a very different morning.  Some of us were here, many were not.  Some had homes, many did not.  Some landmarks stood proud and almost defiant, many were standing only in our memories.  Seven years later SWLA thrives stronger than ever before as a reminder to the res…
Lake Charles Economy Better Than National Average
Yet another reason we are lucky to be living is Southwest Louisiana; the economy here does not reflect the national figures. So far, in 2012, the national unemployment figures are hovering around 8%. That's not as bad as November of 2009 (10%) but still, the economy remains sluggish.
Our local econom…