Top 5 April Fools Pranks
Tomorrow is April Fool's Day and if you're a procrastinator, then you probably haven't come up with any pranks for your friends and family.  Not to worry, we've got some great ones for you to try.
How about an easy way to turn a tasty snack into a minty horror...
Scariest Clown of All Time
Pranks have reached a dangerous level and we don't suggest you try this. It's a good way to get shot, but for some time now, a group of guys have been pranking people with a scary looking clown.
Check out this video and think about how you would react if you came across this guy.
People Still Do Good Deeds
Most pranksters perform acts that gives them a chance to laugh at their 'victims.' In this case, however, there are no 'victims.'
The folks being pranked are homeless people being given unexpected Christmas gifts by a mission.
Watch and have your faith in people restored.
Guy Pays for Random People's Groceries
I'm a sucker for the kind of story that shows the best of people. The set up is simple: A guy picks people at random and buys their groceries.
I should add that he takes no credit whatsoever for this deed, he just does it to be nice.
I should warn you that you may tear up a bit.
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