Meet My New Best Friend
This is my new best friend. His name is Hank and he is 100% pure-bred Americanus Muttus. I have no idea what breeds got together to create Hank, but I'm sure glad they did. I adopted Hank recently and it's one of the best things I've done in years.
Watch These Dogs Engage in Group Howl-Off [VIDEO]
I can so identify with this great video. I used to have a Siberian Husky and their howl can really sound eerie at times.
This family has two Springers and a Husky and it seems that the Springers like to gang up on the Husky and try to get under it's skin...
Two Drive - Thru Rabies Clinics Coming Up
Has your pet been vaccinated? Does it have tags?  If not, here's a real quick, convenient way to get that chore handled. Coming up, Animal Services will have not one, but two drive -thru rabies clinics coming up. You can get your pets vaccinated and, if you wish, have them chipped as well …
Over-Zealous Dog 'Saves' His Owner [VIDEO]
There's nothing like the loyalty of a dog. Sometimes, that loyalty gets a little out of hand and this is just such a case.
It seems that this dog is a perfect example. His owner was just going in for a refreshing swim on a nice afternoon, but when said owner decided to go underwater for a moment, his…
Take a Virtual Tour of this 'Cat House'
Now, we all love our pets and it's not unusual to find scratching post and special beds for cats in a home, but this guy has actually adapted his house to be one giant house for his cats.
I guess it helps that they guy in question, Peter Cohen, is a home-builder, but I think you'll be amazed at all h…
You Shall Not Pass, Dog
Who really rules your house?  The dog or the cat?  Check out these big, scary dogs who are terrified to walk past their lounging housemate cats.  Big chickens!
Dog Passes Out From Joy of Seeing Owner After Two Years Apart
This little video may actually give you a bit of a lump in your throat.
The dong's owner had been away for two years and the reunion was so joyous, the dog passed out! The family took the dog to the vet just to make sure it wasn't anything more serious and vet gave the dog a clean bill of h…

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