What Do Mark Twain, Marie Antoinette, & Tesla Have In Common?
The three seemingly unrelated individuals who were famous in their own unique ways-- Marie Antoinette, Queen of France; Mark Twain, renowned author; Nikola Tesla, brilliant electrical and mechanical engineer-- were all cat lovers.
Interestingly, Tesla's passion for electricity and the path his l…
Pets– Lost Some & Found One
Pets are as much of our family as people, and we were all heartbroken when we lost all three of our elderly dogs within a two-month span. Then, we gained a new one.
Meet My New Best Friend
This is my new best friend. His name is Hank and he is 100% pure-bred Americanus Muttus. I have no idea what breeds got together to create Hank, but I'm sure glad they did. I adopted Hank recently and it's one of the best things I've done in years.
Watch These Dogs Engage in Group Howl-Off [VIDEO]
I can so identify with this great video. I used to have a Siberian Husky and their howl can really sound eerie at times.
This family has two Springers and a Husky and it seems that the Springers like to gang up on the Husky and try to get under it's skin...
Two Drive - Thru Rabies Clinics Coming Up
Has your pet been vaccinated? Does it have tags?  If not, here's a real quick, convenient way to get that chore handled. Coming up, Animal Services will have not one, but two drive -thru rabies clinics coming up. You can get your pets vaccinated and, if you wish, have them chipped as well …

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