Paul Simon

My Top 5 Favorite Singer-Songwriters [VIDEO]
This weekend, the theme on 92-9 the Lake is Singer-Songwriters and, in putting the show together, I started thinking about those artist that have really touched me with their music over the years, so I thought I'd share my favorite singer-songwriters with you.
Paul Simon Box Collects All of His Albums
Paul Simon is, without a doubt, not just one of the most prolific songwriters of modern but one of the most eclectic as well. Simon has tackled just about every genre of music one cars to name and to celebrate his 72nd birthday, the multi-talented Paul Simon will release a must-have box set. It&apos…
Paul Simon Sings "Surfer Girl?"
So sue me. I'm a big Beach Boys fan.
While searching for info on the other Beach Boys posts that I did this week, I came across this little gem. It's from a Brian Wilson tribute show back in 2009 and it features Paul Simon performing the classic "Surfer Girl."
Now, Paul Sim…
Classic Hits Artists – New Releases
Sometimes it seems that some of the great artists featured on The Lake have just stopped making records.  While, for the most part, that may be true, a few of those artist are still going into the studio and recording new material. Some of the other Classic Hits artist have compiled some pretty inte…