Moody Gardens

Cookie the Cockatoo
Cookie the Cockatoo lives at Moody Gardens, but she came by to be on the radio with Gary and Heather. Problem is, when Cookie knows there are microphones around, she clams up. Luckily, before we went on the air, she was showing off!
Real Pirate Treasure at Moody Gardens
On Wednesday, I had some great guest on the morning show from Moody Gardens. This season at Moody Gardens, the theme is Pirates and they are featuring actual treasure recovered from the pirate ship, the Whydah. One thing that the recovery of the Whydah so special is that it was the first authenticat…
Beer Festival at Moody Gardens — Labor Day
As someone who has helped organize a Beer Festival, let me tell you it's a lot of work. To feature over 400 beers is really huge! Not only that, but the state of Texas makes it even harder with tons of red tape at every turn. If you love the world of beer, make plans to go to this event. I have my t…