NASA Launches Orion Spacecraft
It was the highest NASA has flown in 40 years. Yesterday's inaugural launch of an Orion spacecraft went of flawlessly. This is the vehicle that will carry astronauts to Mars in 2030.
the Mars Curiosity Rover Found Martian Soil Rich in H2O
For ages, Scientist have stated that, at one time, there may have been water on Mars. Imagine their excitement when the Mars Curiosity Rover found water in the very first scoop of Martian soil!
As it turns out, there's quite a bit of water on Mars. Nothing like the lakes and rivers on earth, but…
“Curiosity” Rover Makes Mars Landing [VIDEO]
There were some really tense minutes for a while...7 minutes to be exact, but I'm sure that to everyone in the blue NASA shirts, those 7 minutes (of terror) seemed like a lifetime.  The blue shirts can all breathe easier now, because Curiosity has landed, safely, on Mars...