Transmission Tips
Tip #1
If your transmission does require repair, AAMCO will rebuild your transmission right, not install a cheap junkyard unit. We will back it with the strongest nationwide warranty in the business, from our basic no-questions-asked nationwide warranty to our available iron-clad lifetime warranty...
Dental Services
Prevention and early detection are key to maintaining proper dental hygiene, while avoiding tooth decay and gum disease. A good home regimen, in addition to regular check-ups, will help you avoid most oral maladies. Re...
Meet The Dental Team
Dr. Timothy Robinson
Dr. Tim Robinson has been practicing dentistry in Lake Charles for more than 30 years. His father and grandfather were also dentists. Dr. Robinson is a graduate of Barbe High School, McNeese State University and LSU School of Dentistry, and completed the …
Tire Maintenance
Q: Why is my Tire Pressure Monitor System not reading the correct tire positions.
A: This occurs after having your tires changed by a service company who failed to reset your TPMS. Pumpelly Tire Center charges far less to reset your TPMS than most dealerships...