Did Led Zep Steal a Song?
This controversy is not new, but the courts are now involved in a lawsuit that claims that the song 'Stairway to Heaven' is a rip-off of a song by the group, Spirit. I've listened to the song in question and I frankly don't think it's all that similar...
Bench Collapse at Walmart Results in Law Suit
I am sure my lawyer friends will not appreciate me posting this. Law suits prevent us from doing lots of fun things we used to do. Now you can count on not having benches to sit on at Walmart. You'll just have to stand while you wait due to this lawsuit.
Aretha Franklin Sues for 10M
Let me make this perfectly clear to Aretha Franklin's lawyers. I printed a retraction. Whew! Looks like I was far from the only one to get suckered in by the Aretha Franklin - Patti LaBelle fist fight story. The story got so much attention that Aretha is suing the original source of that story for $10 million! To refresh your (and Aretha's lawyers) collective memories, here are the two stories I p
Paula Deen Opens Mouth, Buttery Racist Remarks Fall Out?
(Man, I'm going to need a butter joke to open this post...  Oh, wait -- I got one!)  Someone butter up TV chef Paula Deen so she can slither out from under new allegations that she lobs around the N-word and wanted a slavery-themed wedding reception. (Eh.  Sounded funnier in my head.)