Million Mango Recall
A U.S. fruit distributor has announced a recall of as many as 1 million mangoes that may carry salmonella bacteria. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says researchers found indications the mangoes are to blame for a “multistate cluster” of salmonella.
I do love mangoes! Granted, they peel and…
Help Restore Coastal Louisiana
You may already know this but Louisiana is very important to the rest of the nation. Our state contains about 40% of the nation's wetlands. We also lose 25 to 35 square miles of those wetlands every year.
At current land loss rates, nearly 640,000 more acres, an area nearly the size of Rhode Island, …
Swashbucklers Face the Columbus Lions
What might be the most important game of the year for the Louisiana Swashbucklers, the Columbus Lions will be taking on the Bucs in the Smuggler’s Den on Saturday, June 2nd, at 7 p.m. in the Lake Charles Civic Center.  As an added bonus, Tommy and Joe of the "Swamp P…
New Internet Scam Working Lake Area
The BBB is once again receiving calls from local residents concerning an Internet scam hitting this area. Computer hackers are gaining access to email accounts and social networking sites to assume someone's identity to get money. Here's how it works:
New Study Says Aspirin May Reduce Risk of Skin Cancer
Is there anything aspirin doesn't cure/prevent?
Living here in Southwest Louisiana, we all tend to get a lot of sun. On any given weekend, the beach is crowded with sun worshipers and of course, many more people are out in boats soaking up the rays. While a tan may look healthy, almost all studies in…
UPDATE: Fisherman Finds Mickey Shunick’s Bicycle

Another piece of evidence has turned up in the case of Mickey Shunick.  Over the weekend, a fisherman found what has now been confirmed as the bicycle that Shunick was riding the night she disappeared. Authorities are not certain whether other items found near the bicycle are related to the cas…

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