Jeff Davis Parish

Jeff Davis Parish Ballot
The election for Nov. 4 is a huge election day for local, state and federal offices. In Jeff Davis Parish, there are 22 seats to be filled. All state voters will be looking at 14 separate state constitutional amendments. Get prepared!
Jezebel Accuses Jeff Davis Police of Being Involved in Murders
The first thing I did after reading the story was look to see if Jezebel is another one of those parody sites. Those are sites that basically just make up stories and say they do it for entertainment. If you ask me they are just liars. I found no parody claims at this site. They make some very strong accusations and possibly a strong argument that the eight unsolved murders were committed to cover
Will Welsh Speed Traps Change Your Travel Plans [POLL]
The City of Welsh is thinking of installing cameras that will take pictures of speeders and mail them a ticket. Have you ever been mailed a ticket? I got one from Baton Rouge in the mail a few years back. It was for running a red light (of course I was innocent...