BBB Warning -- IRS Phone Scam in Lake Area
Carmen Million, with the Better Business Bureau is warning residents of a phone scam being used in the Lake Area.
The latest scam involves calling people and telling them they are going to be arrested unless they pay their taxes.
It's called 'spoofing' and here's the truth behind s…
Jackson Estate vs IRS
It seems that the folks who manage the estate of the late 'King of Pop' have represented his estate as belonging more to a pauper than a king and the IRS isn't buying the story.
You won't believe what the folks on the Jackson team are claiming about the late singers net worth.
Beware the Fake I.R.S. e-Services Website
First of all, and this bears repeating, the IRS is not going to notify you of any situation by e-mail. Ever. Nor will the IRS send you a text message. So if you get a text message that says, "OMG, Yur like all behind on yer taxes...hit us back asap", it's probably not the IRS

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