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Sunday, July 19th, Is National Ice Cream Day!
Sunday is National Ice Cream Day! I scream! You scream! We ALL scream for ICE CREAM!!!
Ice cream is my favorite-in-the-whole-wide-world sweet treat, so I plan on celebrating accordingly.
Here are a few interesting tidbits for you about the frozen concoction:

Quaker colonists are credited with bringing …
Blue Bell Issues Massive Product Recall
According to a story from MSN, after two samples of their chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream test positive for listerosis, Blue Bell Creameries of Brenham, Texas has recalled all of it's products. This is a massive recall and is the first of it's kind in Blue Bells 108 year-old history.
25 Insanely Weird Ice Cream Flavors
Who doesn't love ice cream?  Cold, creamy, smooth, sweet ice cream.  Around this area, we're pretty partial to Blue Bell or maybe Ben & Jerry's.  But that's not all that's out there.
There are some seriously strange ice cream flavors around the world.&n…
Baskin-Robbins Now Offering Ice Cream Nachos
You can call them by their proper name, “Waffle Chip Dippers,” all you want. Those, friends, are ice cream nachos. Baskin-Robbins is selling them at select locations for $2.99, which is significantly less than the cost of nachos that aren’t made out of ice…