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15 Awesomely Bad Horror Movies Available on Netflix Instant
Basically once Labor Day has passed, we spend our time gearing up for Halloween, which means apple cider, carving pumpkins, and loads and loads of terrible scary movies. The only problem is that there are bad scary movies and then there are *bad* scary movies, and the only way to tell the difference…
AAAAGGGHHH!!! Wait...It's Just a Cat
How come every scary movie has a scene where someone opens a door, turns a corner, looks in a dumpster and AAAAGGGHHHH...a cat jumps out?  That's because cats are creepy, prowling, sneaky critters.  Then they relax and say, "It was just a cat...
The Scariest Movies of all Time- Our Top 5 (video)
Halloween is coming up and nothing sets the tone for Halloween like a great horror movie. The folks at movies. msn.com has compiled a list of the top fifty scariest movies of all time! We’ll give you the top five…for the rest just click on the bat!