Honey, I'm Home!
After a long day at the office, or the offices, I can hardly wait to walk in the back door of my castle. My prince is rarely there since I usually manage to get home before he does. But on one of those rare occasions he is home first, it feels so great to come in and have him greet me with a hug, a…
Money Saving Home Tips
When folks are working two jobs and doing everything they can to survive this trying economy, we all look for ways to save a buck here or there .
Fold a Shirt in 2 Seconds
Who loves to do laundry? Who loves to fold clothes?  Yeah...me neither.  This guy has figured out how to cut down shirt folding time to under 2 seconds.  Seriously...check it out!
Heather’s Website of the Day – Flylady
Are you ready to make your life easier?  Ready to get organized? Ready to have a shiny clean house?  The FlyLady can help you!  With her 'baby steps' she'll help you easily overcome tasks that seem overwhelming.  Take the first step by checking out her website...