Christmas Storage Options You'll Adore
Christmas is almost here and soon it will pass and we will be packing it all away again to store for next year's festivities. If you've been throwing all your decorations in the same boxes for years and they're starting to fall apart or maybe you just want to get better organized chec…
Baking Essentials for Holiday Treats
Baking for the holidays can be so much fun! Whether you're making cupcakes, sugar cookies, pies or cakes, I have a great list of baking essentials that will make this holiday baking season go so much smoother!
City of Lake Charles Announces Holiday Schedule
So you are eating crawfish as a part of your memorial Day celebration. That sounds great and is great fun until you have to dispose of the shells. You don't want those things sitting in your trash can very long. Here is the holiday garbage pick up schedule and more from the City of Lake Charles…
New National Holiday?
Let's face it. The Super Bowl is a great excuse for a party even when  the Saints are not playing in it. There is a problem though. The game starts at around 5:30 on Sunday afternoon and runs well into the evening. The party can run even later. Let's face it. We need the following Mon…

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