Armed Pastor Shoots At Church Intruders
Don't mess with Greater Morning Star Baptist Church Pastor W.L.T. Littleton. Yes he is a man of God and also a former New Orleans Police officer. When burglars invaded his church they were chase off by a hail of of brimstone ... uh ... I mean bullets!
The Loaded Purse Mystery
So most of us think purses are for carrying make up, check books, a brush, some pictures and other assorted items. Purses are great for appearing on "Let's Make a Deal." Purses can also pack a punch (as you will see.)
Best Gun for Women
My wife and I had discussed getting her a gun for protection. We no longer have kids at home and it sure seems the world is getting crazier all the time. So the debate began.
Blake's Bad Timing
My wife and I both missed the first airing of this. We heard it was really good and last friday we really needed a temporary distraction. We hurried to get everything done in time to turn on the TV and watch and instead of Blake Shelton we got Michael Buble.
Facebook Mourns
Yesterday I posted some of the comments from facebook friends as each dealt with their own emotions after the horrible shooting in Connecticut. The pictures are beginning to come now as people combine creativity with their emotions.

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