Six Must-Have Gardening Items For This Spring
It's officially Spring! It's time to drag out the big bag of potting soil, peruse the plant nursery and bring home a wagon full of flowers! If you're as excited about spring-time weather as I am, here's a lovely list of items to help you get into the gardening mood!
Don't Plant on Good Friday?
I bought my favorite flower to put in my garden and suddenly remembered what my Maw Maw preached to me as a child. "Don't you plant anything on Good Friday, Cher!" I swear she made the sign of the cross when she said it.
Tips on Better Gardening
There nothing like the feeling of planting something and then watching it grow. I recently planted a hibiscus and I treat it like a family member. The first time it bloomed ( the one in the picture) one of those big beautiful flowers, I felt that I had actually accomplished something. The Friends of Tuten Park want to help you be a better gardener and they've set up a series of free classes that j