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Even Cute Animals Can Be Total Jerks
Yes, they're adorable, cuddly and we all want to take them home...until they show their true colors.  Don't be fooled by the cuteness of these critters.  They have a dark side.
15 Animals in Ties for Labor Day
Hopefully you're enjoying your day off. You know who's not? These animals! They're busy putting the "cat" in business cat-sual. Sure, a tie might be closer to standard business attire, but we're pretty sure the lack of pants keeps it totally casual.
Silly Animals Jumping on Trampolines
You can always count on trampolines to be treasure trove of hysterical silliness.  This increases when family pets get in on the action.  Check out these dogs, cats, pigs, foxes and other critters bouncing the day away!
17 Animals Excited for ‘Shark Week’
Shark Week is here! Shark Week is here! We can finally stop living like it's Shark Week, because it's actually Shark Week! We're not the only one's who are excited by the prospect -- these animals also seem pretty geared up. (We're going to pretend the costumes were their id…

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