Crayola Retiring One From Box of 24 And What They Are Now!
Crayola has announced that on Friday, National Crayon Day, it will live stream the retirement of one color from its box of 24. They issued the invitation via Facebook and are asking you to RSVP for the big event. I did because I'm a big fan of coloring, although I don't always stay inside …
Are You Ready for Mardi Gras?
We're just one day away from Mardi Gras and if you're not ready, you're running out of time to get there!  Here are some scenes from past Mardi Gras celebrations here in SWLA to get you in the mood!
Heather’s Website of the Day – I’m Remembering
If you’re a child from the ‘80s or ‘90s, or have a child or parent that was, this site is a fun flashback.  Featuring pop-culture nostalgia submitted by viewers/readers, you’ll be surprised at what you’ve forgotten/missed about your ch…
FunWeb- 10 Misconceptions Debunked! [VIDEO]
Drinking milk with seafood can kill you!
If you wake a sleepwalker, they will die
Keanu Reeves can act.
We've all heard these...the thing is...None of them are true.
Here are 10 more myths that are spouted as fact when, in fact, they are not...
Celtic Nations Festival Has Begun
The sounds of bagpipes will fill the air in Southwest Louisiana.  The 20th Annual Celtic Nations Festival is underway in Lake Charles.  Be there Saturday and Sunday for Indoor and outdoor stages, workshops, Celtic food, Celtic vendors, and much more.