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Baggy Pants Robber Just Looks Stupid [VIDEO]
So, Joe Cool in his baggy pants (you know, the style that went out about 10 years ago, but some people didn't get the memo that it now just looks dumb) decides he needs a cell phone. Since working and saving money to have a cell phone isn't cool, he decides he's just going to take someone's phone.
Great Reasons not to be afraid
We've all heard the great quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt, "The only thing we have to fear is fear, itself." It became a motto for people trying to get through the depression, but it still applies today.
We all, or at least most of us, have some sort of fear.
Well, think about …
Elton John releases first single from new CD
On Thursday, Elton John premiered the spectacular official video for his beautiful piano-based ballad “Home Again." The track harkens back to the sound of early Elton and it's catching on quickly. Elton's complete CD, The Diving Board, will be released this weekend.
7 Albums Gary Shannon Can’t Live Without [Video]
Our digital director, Scott Lewis, likes to challenge us with assignments like this one. A few weeks ago, our challenge was to make a list of "7 Songs I Can't Live Without" and that was pretty tough. Now, we have a new challenge.
The challenge is '7 Albums I Can't Liv…
How My Brainy Friends Spend Their Weekend
Here's a strange story. For some reason, I have a lot of friends that are chemist, engineers and biologist. I guess they keep me around because I make them feel even smarter than they already are. Now, you may think that all these highly intelligent people spend their weekends reading treatise on st…
The Taste of Lime Makes ‘Topper’ a Very Happy Dog [VIDEO]
Let me start this with a disclaimer. First of all, the dog, Topper, does this whenever he is happy so, despite the contortions, he is not having seizures. He does the same thing when he plays with tennis balls.
Secondly, don't try this at home. Citrus, like chocolate, can be very harmful to some…

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