92.9 The Lake Poll Results–Here’s What You Said
It's time for our weekly run down of how you answered our polls at This week we covered one rather topical subject in  ...  "Do your political views influence your purchase decisions?" We also covered one subject just for fun. Read on to get the resul…
Chicken Doberman
I know some people who take eating serious. You could lose a limb if you get to close to them while they are eating. I have sen a lot of dogs that are the same way. They are not too cool about sharing their food. That's what makes this video so good.
Is Your Dog Having a Heat Stroke
The hot weather makes us all want to wear shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. We know how tro dress for the heat in Southwest Louisiana.  Can you imagine wearing a fur coat in this weather. Your dog does it everyday! Did you know dogs suffer from heat stroke? You should know the signs. Then you sh…
Russian Fisherman Saves Dog [VIDEO]
So you're a Russian fisherman, going about your daily fishing duties on your big ole Russian fishing boat.  It's really cold out and there are big chunks of ice floating on the water.  You look out over the freezing water and see a dog sitting atop one of these little ice islands…
Dog Imitates Baby? Hillarious Video [VIDEO]
There is a very strong connection between our pets and our babies. Sometimes it seems they can communicate with one another in a language all of their own. Is that what is happening here or is the dog just imitating the baby?

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