Dealing With the Insanity
Recent events involving violence against police officers have many people feeling a bit confused. There are steps you can take to help yourself and your children come to grips with these tragedies.
Tropical Depression 4 Not Likely To Threaten Southwest Louisiana
It would seem that (once again) Southwest Louisiana has dodged the tropical bullet. This must come as a shock to those irresponsible web weather prognosticators that earlier this week were predicting a Labor Day weekend hurricane here.
Earlier this week I saw several facebook post warning the Gulf co…
5 Tasty Mood Enhancers
Want to undergo a mood transformation? Well, there are certain foods that can help lift your mood and they're much better for you than any prescription you could get.
Next time you feel a little down in the dumps, try one of these natural mood enhancers.
Billy Joel and Depression
Billy Joel says that, in recent years, he has battled depression. Depression doesn't care how famous you are or how much money you make and a great many people have problems with what Winston Churchill called 'The Black Dog.'
I can identify with Joel as I have battled depression a grea…

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