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20 Cats Who Regret Everything
Sometimes even the most well thought-out plans don't happen exactly as planned.  You may think the idea is great, but the execution leaves much to be desired.
This phenomenon isn't limited to the human world.  Unfortunately, it transfers very well to the feline world...
Dear Kitten: Regarding the Big Game
The big game is almost here, and we all know what that means to us.  But what does it mean to your cat?  Watch and learn as Cat explains to Kitten this strange ritual of the humans.
15 Animals in Ties for Labor Day
Hopefully you're enjoying your day off. You know who's not? These animals! They're busy putting the "cat" in business cat-sual. Sure, a tie might be closer to standard business attire, but we're pretty sure the lack of pants keeps it totally casual.
17 Animals Excited for ‘Shark Week’
Shark Week is here! Shark Week is here! We can finally stop living like it's Shark Week, because it's actually Shark Week! We're not the only one's who are excited by the prospect -- these animals also seem pretty geared up. (We're going to pretend the costumes were their id…
So Sad…So Very Sad…The Sad Cat Diaries [VIDEO]
They are so very cute that you probably haven't noticed how very, very sad they are.  Yes, they put on a happy face with the toy mice and string and purring and all, but they are so, so, so sad.  Try to watch without crying...or laughing!
How to Exercise with Cats [VIDEO]
Finding time to exercise is always difficult.  There's the job, kids, family, home, pets...hmmmmm...pets.  Why not get them to help out?  Come on, grab the kitties and get to exercising!
Bad Kitty! — Proof That Cats Can Be Jerks [VIDEO]
Ooooooohh look at the little kitty!  Aaaawwwww...isn't he adorable.  He's sooooooooo cute! I want one...I want one...I want one...I...wait a minute.  What'd he just do?  WHAT!!!! NO! NO! Bad kitty...bad kitty...Stop that!  Stop that!
The Most Amazing Flying Animals [VIDEO]
I love your pet.  Your pet is cute and funny and loyal and blah, blah, blah.  But can your pet fly, soar, levitate, hover or just generally defy the laws of gravity and physics???  Well, these furry friends can do just that!