Top-Rated Vacuums for Every Budget
Vacuuming is a rare breed of house chore. It’s instantly gratifying, takes little time and makes a huge, lasting difference. Throw a vacuum that you love into the equation and it can even be downright enjoyable. Find your next perfect vacuum match from these highly rated best sellers.
Gary Shannon's Cleaning Tips
Okay guys. Here's the deal. Women do not like the way we clean house. they think we do a slipshod job at best. the fact that they think we do it wrong can play right into our plans, though.
If we do it poorly enough, for long enough, they usually give up and actually FORBID us to do the cleaning. Gee…
Heather’s Website of the Day – Clean the World
Partially used products have a way of collecting over time--cluttering cabinets, countertops and drawers.  Rather than throw them out, you can donate them.  Clean the World is a non-profit that collects used soaps, sanitizing them and redistributing them to other parts of the world to clea…