Armed Pastor Shoots At Church Intruders
Don't mess with Greater Morning Star Baptist Church Pastor W.L.T. Littleton. Yes he is a man of God and also a former New Orleans Police officer. When burglars invaded his church they were chase off by a hail of of brimstone ... uh ... I mean bullets!
How We Should Dress For Church Poll Rersults
I remember as a little kid that women had to wear dresses to church. They also had to have something on thier heads. It seems like I remember my sisters would use a peice of Klenex. I also rmember you were not alloowed to wear jeans to church. That has all changed. What did Lake listeners have to sa…
The Saga of the Church Parking Spot [VIDEO]
Here in the deep south a lot of our social life centers around the church. Within the church family there is a lot of love. It's just like a family and so sometimes it is slightly dysfunctional. Sometimes there are strange under currents that you may not see on the surface. Here is su…