McNeese Host Job Fair on Monday
McNeese students get a chance to meet with prospective employers this Monday at the McNeese recreation Complex. It's also a chance for employers to recruit students.
Overrated and Underrated Careers
There are a lot of high level careers that, thanks to television, appear to be a really cool way to make a living. Believe me, none of those jobs are anything like they play out on TV.
For example, 'Mad Men' has really made the world of advertising look cool and glamorous. Take it from me, it's an ul…
No Degree? Get a great job anyway
Ask most people who don't have a college degree and a huge majority will tell you that they regret not getting that sheepskin, but there are jobs out there, and good ones, that can allow you to make more than the median income even without a piece of paper that says you went to school four more…